Salon Workshops

The majority of the Salon Workshops take the form of expert-led Free Culture Incubator working groups seeking to define the problematic zone between art and open cultural practice in Germany. They attempt to establish an arts and culture incubator for Berlin that will support and develop new forms of cultural practice beyond the festival's lifespan.

Bringing together activists, interventionists, hackers, thinkers and makers, the Salon Workshops, taking place in the HKW and across Berlin, are calls to action aiming to activate, engage and produce responses to FUTURITY NOW!

Whether it involves making digital camera obscuras to scan communication space with the creators of the the Panoramic Wifi Camera, or joining a research team featuring Martin Howse on a speculative mapping of Berlin through ghosted electromagnetic, signal and literary traces, the Salon Workshops will offer a hands-on way to re-imagine and re-visualise our perceived futures.

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