Salon Talks

The Salon Talks are the primary transmediale.10 site for elaborating on strategic artistic positions, examining new forms of digital practice and cultural dialogue. Positioning the future as a meme ready for redefinition, twelve salon events will bring together artists, theoreticians and specialists in a forum for open dialogue to address the implications of FUTURITY NOW! across a multitude of artistic platforms as well as from diverse cultural and societal backgrounds.

Investigating new artistic practice in the omnipresent context of web 2.0 social media, the renewed cultural interest in reaching for the Moon, cultural strategies against media control, Berlin's hidden psychogeography, and the influence of Vilém Flusser on transactional arts, the Salon Talks will feature each day of the festival in K1 space at the House of World Cultures.

Daily 'kick-off' salons within the Free Culture Incubator programme curated by Ela Kagel will examine the problematic zone of convergence between artistic practice and the creative industries, while on Wednesday 4 February, in two special extended salon sessions the Phuturama sub-conference will look at FUTURITY NOW! from the standpoint of speculative design and Science Fiction.


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