Sašo Sedlaček

Sašo Sedlaček


Born 16.6.1974 in Ljubljana, Slovenia -1993 finished the Secondary School for Photography and Design in Ljubljana 
-1996-2000 studied and graduated in Sculpture at Academy of Fine Arts, Ljubljana A retrospective exhibition of Sašo Sedlaček's work entitled Supertrash will open at the Koroška Gallery of Fine Arts in Slovenj Gradec on 11 November 2011. The exhibition will bring together for the first time the most distinctive of Sedlaček's projects created over the past 10 years. A retrospective catalogue featuring texts by Dr. Petja Grafenauer and Dr. Luka Omladič and designed by Studiobotas will accompany the exhibition.

"It is very clear where the interest of Sašo Sedlaček's art works lies. Recycling. (Re)use of the rejected. The improvement of the world and a warning that people in the West are not the only inhabitants of this planet. His projects shift between local and global problems of waste. The artist is interested in topical themes that fall into the category of the age-old efforts to improve human life. Fortunately, he does not tackle these issues in a naive, bigoted or moralistic manner, but rather with humour and incentive. His ideas are witty, creative and, above all, useful. I wonder why Ribnica has not yet started producing the Urban - woodenware vending machine. We should not be surprised at all if, in a few years, while strolling around BTC City - Ljubljana may well be just one of its districts by then - we happen upon a pricey lavatory that produces its own lighting, which is something that Sedlaček has already shown us with his AcDcWc lavatories." (Petja Grafenauer)

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