Rice City

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19 min.
Sherif El Azma. Rice City
Sherif El Azma. Rice City

In an old fashioned apartment, cast in tensity and uneasiness, located somewhere between the real, the uncanny and a state of dream-like delirium, suggestive symbolism and insinuations fester in dark corners of rooms in which Rice City unfolds. A self-conscious young woman, anxious, shadows the corridors; we encroach on a young black man, building a city from blocks, lounging in his bed; an older man played by Count Federico de Wardal, recounts a story of selling rice, to his friend, who appears as a ghost. A tight lipped scene around a dinner table ripples in tension spilling beyond the bounds of the exquisitely shot film noir, with its equally astoundingly beautiful soundtrack, transfixing, in suspense.


(Image: Sherif El Azma. Rice City)


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