reSource for transmedial culture

(Image: Vittore Baroni, Organic Tree of Networking, 1992)
(Image: Vittore Baroni, Organic Tree of Networking, 1992)

A new initiative of transmediale


reSource for transmedial culture is a new initiative of transmediale in collaboration with CTM/DISK, Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, and the Post-Media Lab of the Leuphana University Lüneburg with the aim to create a framework for transmediale festival related projects that happen throughout the year in the city of Berlin. The reSource project, developed by Tatiana Bazzichelli, is launched at transmediale 2012. Here, the events will be distributed into five different sub-themes: reSource Methods, reSource Activism, reSource Networks, reSource Markets and reSource Sex.


The reSource programme extends into ongoing activities with decisive touchdowns at each festival in order to act as an interface between the cultural production of art festivals and collaborative networks in the field of art and technology, hacktivism and politics. In the course of 2012 and beyond this will create a distributed platform of networking, curating and research seeing the festival as a peer-production context for sharing knowledge and practices. Like a source code – the instructions and functions forming the basis of every programme – the reSource will provide a starting point for a distributed sharing process, compiling a commonly executable (artistic) programme. Before each festival the thematic issues will generate a set of questions and topics, which will be addressed to artists and other communities within (and beyond) digital cultural production. Artists, cultural producers, hackers, activists, and gender-situated communities from Berlin and elsewhere will be invited to co-develop experiences, experimentation and reflection. Artistic and hacktivist practices are not only thought as a resource for producing cultural innovation but also as a strategic challenge to generate media criticism in general and to reflect on modalities of artistic production within digital culture and network economy in particular.


(Image: Vittore Baroni, Organic Tree of Networking, 1992)


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