reSource sex

Courtesy of Karla Grundick and Mistress Koyo
Courtesy of Karla Grundick and Mistress Koyo

The events in reSource sex reflect on the interference and overlapping between sex business and ‘alternative’ porn, aiming to explore and discuss the open interzona which exists in between the often male-oriented mainstream porn, and the more narrow scene of queer and alt porn communities. Though still a taboo in many countries and everyday life contexts pornography might be considered as the obvious demonstration of how different dynamics of sexual power are written and perpetuated through the body. However, it can also become a territory of both radical and playful action, as some of the experiences in performance art, the post porn scene and the later queer culture demonstrate. Projects and experiences presented in this context are entering directly the mechanisms of bodily expression and the production of desire, to experience them from within, as a tool for self-governing one’s own sexuality.


(Image: Courtesy of Karla Grundick and Mistress Koyo)


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