reSource networks

Anna Adamolo Network
Anna Adamolo Network

The events in reSource networks reflect on viral and distributed strategies of networking, questioning the concept of networking itself and proposing alternative to proprietary systems. The D-I-Y tradition that ranges from underground art networks to hacker culture, and the notion of viral interventions, might serve as a form of inspiration, even if such a background is also open to criticism since a certain vocabulary of freedom and peer collaboration has been adopted by the rhetoric of Web 2.0 and social networking. Crucial issues to investigate are: power structures, pervasive control and surveillance by corporations and centralised systems, as well as proprietary business logic and its possible subversion through viral interventions and subjective empowerment, integrating online and offline practices. Networking can be imagined as an everyday practice, a form of cultural production, an experimental methodology to overcome proprietary standards and a political strategy during conflicts.


(Image: Anna Adamolo Network)


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