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Steve Lambert. Capitalism Works for Me
Steve Lambert. Capitalism Works for Me

The events in reSource markets reflect on the meaning of capitalism in a time of crisis, proposing both critical and playful alternatives to the capitalistic logic by intervening directly within the economical systems. Artists, hackers and activists, conscious of the pervasive influence of flexible and immaterial economical models in our daily life, react strategically from within the market scenario. Since the Avant-gardes, artists have concentrated on the effect of producing the unpredictable, while generating new forms. But in the neoliberal era, business logic deals with the unpredictable as well, generating disruption and adopting the same language and strategies as “counterculture”. In a scenario where business is intertwined with the values of hacker ethics and networking, and where the forms of criticism tend to freeze as soon as they emerge, the way to social change might be found within the market itself. reSource markets investigates new possible strategies for art as well as new forms of innovation in the economic framework, not only opening a critical perspective towards capitalistic logic, but also reframing it though more sustainable and collaborative practices.


(Image: Steve Lambert. Capitalism Works for Me)


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