reSource Chats!

In the month of April we are starting a first phase of the reSource activity: the reSource Chats. Our proposal is to address independent cultural producers of Berlin, investigating in which ways the reSource can serve to them as a platform for visibility and networking enrichment. In Berlin many art and activist projects exist, and they do not need an additional platform to be developed or come into life. What the reSource can offer in this first phase is to create a map of art, hacktivism and networking projects in the city, getting to know directly their actors and encourage them to describe their experience in the framework of the art and social composition of Berlin.


The idea is to organise thematic chats, where the curator of the reSource programme (Tatiana Bazzichelli), her programme assistant (Georgia Nicolau), and eventually some partner members of the reSource, get to meet the various communities in Berlin, asking them what they expect from a project such the reSource, what is their opinion in terms of networking strategies, and their experience as cultural producers in the city.


This activity will be documented with photos and reports on this blog. The choice of the communities will be done through individual research or via email correspondence (i.e. meeting the people that showed interest in the reSource project or contacted us answering to the statement of interest spread some months ago).


Our first meeting will be this Friday, April 13, with Christian de Lutz and Regine Rapp from Art Laboratory Berlin. Art Laboratory  is a non-profit organisation, founded in 2006 by an international team of art historians and artists. In their website they describe themselves as ‘a non-commercial art space, established as a platform for projects concentrating on the border between visual arts and related artistic and scholarly fields.’


Stay tuned!


If you have any suggestions of project spaces in Berlin that we should contact, or you are a community of organisers in the field of art, hacktivism and networking with similar interests to the ones of the reSource, please write to us at resource[at]


Photo credits: © Fleur Augustinus / transmediale


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