31.01.2009 21:00
Festival edition: 
Partner event

If we survive the first night, we expect more ...

If we survive the first night, we expect more to explore with Poppekastkrakers with electrotheatro, Paul Klotz with whitelight LED art, C-men micromusic visuals, Unyx, Via Oral’s nouveau hippie dada, Reinier Kranendonk with his running meat machine and more state-of-the-art computer- and web-technology by Eelco Wagenaar & Arjan Scherpenisse, Sander Veenhof, Angelo Vermeulen, Danja Vasiliev…

Installations by: Walter Langelaar, Danja Vassiliev, Paul Klotz, Sander Veenhof, Via Oral, Arno Coenen, Arjan Scherpenisse + Eelco Wagenaar, Reinier Kranendonk
21.30  Lecture by Angelo Vermeulen
22.15 Ottoboy
22.30 Jan van Nuenen, screening, „Best of.. Part II“
23.00 Poppekastkrakers
23.15 Ottoboy
23.30 ViaviaOral + VJ Shithead
23.45 VJ Sandwoman, Cross-reality media art party performance: New Berlin, DFM RTV INT, DJ Jce Emoto,
01.00 DJ Angelo Vermeulen + VJ Arno Coenen + VJ Peter Leeuwerik

Latest line-up and necessary program changes:

Entrance fee: EUR 5,00


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