Performances in the reSource programme @ transmediale


Performances in the reSource programme @ transmediale

In the reSource programme, together with talks, panels and artistic presentations, some performances are taking place. At the opening night, Morten Riis will construct and play his Steam Machine Music, a homebuilt mechanical instrument made mostly from vintage Meccano parts.

Performances in the reSource programme @ transmediale 2012


Steam Machine Music

by Morten Riis
Steam Machine Music is a homebuilt mechanical instrument made mostly from vintage Meccano parts. The instrument is driven by a steam engine. The sound material is generated from various strings, dynamos and music boxes but the most important sound generating part is the sound of the machine itself, the rhythmic patterns and pulsating drones of the steam engine, the squeaking of the gear trains. The instability of the entire mechanism is extremely noticeable, and displays and reflects the physicality of the machine to an extreme degree. Steam Machine Music questions the whole practice and conceptualizing of machine music in a historical perspective that points to the fact that machines always have been malfunctioning. The artist can be watched building up the Steam Machine at the opening night, followed by the performance Steam Machine Music later on. The perfomance will be repeated in a shorter version on Wednesday, February 1, in the framework of the in/compatible research practices event at K1.
Tuesday, January 31, K1
17:00 – 18:30 – live construction

20:30 – 21:00 – performance



Watch Me Work
by Liad Hussein Kantorowicz and Kate Erhardt
Liad works as an erotic performer at an Israeli sex chat site. The usage of cameras, computers and projectors enables the viewers to peer into the live exchange of cyber sex work between sex worker and client, and compare between the sex worker's actual experience and what is projected to the client. The performance seeks to de-exotify sex work, opting for a realistic perspective, and investigates the discrepancy between the hyped discussion about sex work as compared to the actual sex work experience.

The performance will be held in the context of the panel: Commercialising Eros. A discussion with: Jacob Appelbaum, Zach Blas, Liad Hussein Kantorowicz, Aliya Rakhmetova. Moderated by: Gaia Novati

Saturday, February 4, 13:30 – 15:30, K1

Minimum age for admission 18 years!


Image credits: Steam Machine Music by Morten Riis.


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