Oneohtrix Point Never

Photo Shawn Brackbill

The man behind Oneohtrix Point Never is the Brooklynite Daniel Lopatin. His album Returnal (Editions Mego, 2010) was made using vintage synthesizers to create widescreen ambient landscapes. His latest album Replica (Mexican Summer, 2011) manipulates samples from 1980s TV commercials to construct evocative tracks of unexpected emotional depth. Although Lopatin has complained about people using the word "nostalgic" to describe his music, the term is rather apt. In the best sense, Replica does indeed conjure a feeling of nostalgia: as if someone has hacked into your vaguest, most distant memories and reassembled them as clear recollections of things that never really happened.

(Image: Oneohtrix Point Never photo by Shawn Brackbill)

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