OCTO P7C-1 Intertubular Pneumatic Packet Distribution System

A Global Pipe Dream Come True!

On the occasion of transmediale 2013, transmediale and Telekommunisten unveil the most radically disruptive project in the history of telecommunications to potential investors and partners, bringing the transformative power of digital communication to the physical sphere with a global sharing platform for the transmission of physical objects. OCTO is building a global system to interconnect every household and place of business with pneumatic tubes, which permits high-speed delivery of packages to and from any subscriber worldwide. The first OCTO prototype system provides unprecedented vacuum-speed, physical, capsule-packet communications, enhancing the social experience and creativity of the transmediale visiting public. The OCTO prototype system is installed throughout the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, connecting all the event spaces, integrating thematic activities like never before. A functional prototype of central capsule router/distributor P7C-1 demonstrates advanced performativity, and elegant modular remote stations inspire a new generation to imagine the effortless experience of the future of pneumatic messaging right in the comfort of their homes or offices!

OCTO-P7C-1 Intertubular Pneumatic Packet Distribution System is transmediale 2013's Official Miscommunication Platform and is the result of a joint collaboration between the reSource transmedial culture berlin/transmediale, the Berlin-based Telekommunisten collective and the raumlabor berlin group.


Be one of the first to invest in the next wave in social, making the social physical: OCTO!
OCTO P7C-1 is the Official Miscommunication Platform of transmediale 2013


The GIZ Alumni Network Collaboration 


The OCTO P7C-1 Intertubular Pneumatic Packet Distribution System is a network art project investigating technological network development and the social and political effects of network communication. To reflect on the state of social network services today, transmediale established a partnership with GIZ, The German Agency for International Cooperation (Die Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), to encourage the visitors to rethink what social networking can be. Reflecting on this issue, two months before the festival, transmediale initiated dialogue with the GIZ Alumni community portal, a social network that seeks to create sustainable dialogue and a learning process for international cooperation. The output of the online dialog is visible at the festival as content for different capsules running in the OCTO P7C-1 installation, addressing themes like the global history of networking technologies, contemporary social networking and network-based artistic approach. The capsules contain quotes from the online discussions such as opinions, figures, individual stories on network experiences and other related media, and blank sheets of paper on which the visitors of the festival can offer their own opinions on the subject.


This project is supported by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.


OCTO Opening Times:
Tuesday 29 January: 20.30-22.00
Wednesday, 30 January: 13.00-21.00 with breaks
Thursday, 31 January: 13.00-21.00 with breaks
Friday, 1 February: 13.00-21.00 with breaks
Saturday, 2 February: 13.00-21.00 with breaks
Sunday, 3 February: 13:00–19:00 with breaks

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