NomadicMILK project, Nigerian version

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The project 'NomadicMILK' compares the distribution and sales strategies of two very different milkproduct-merchands in Nigeria. With the help of GPS systems, the driveways of the as nomads living 'Fulani' are reconstructed and compared to those of an active enterpreneurial milk producer, called 'PEAK milk'. By using a specially designed robot, the collected data is converted into fine sand lines, appearing as some kind of drawn 'sand map' on the ground. The results enable the participants of the project to discuss and reflect on their performance. The accruing debates on how to change and improve existing sales channels were recorded by Esther Polak on video. At the transmediale.09 exhibition, the 'NomadicMILK' project will be presented as a combination of installation and video streaming. further information and videostreams can be found at:

NomadicMILK / Nigeria is supported by the GTZ (Gesellschaft für technische Zusammenarbeit)


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