Modified Software

Modified Software

Modified Software by Mogens Jacobsen
© Mogens Jacobsen

Mixes of bits from the kernel of Windows XP with bits from musical mp3 files. Presentation format: Three CDs containing the David Bowie, Carly Simon and Carpenters editions.


What do you get when you mix bits from the kernel of Microsoft’s operational system Windows XP with bits of music by Carly Simon? Answer: A disc than cannot be used on either your computer or your stereo. In other words, a completely useless piece of software—both in terms of utility and entertainment. All bits are equal whether they belong to an operating system or a piece of pop music, and the series Modified Software by Mogens Jacobsen uses so-called “dispossessed bits” (digital information out of context) to create a strangely absurd object that turns software against itself beyond common notions of use-value to become a means of artistic expression and philosophical reflection. While we know how to use and consume bits through the Graphical User Interface, Modified Software allows no interaction and instead, encourages an investigative approach that questions the conditions of software and the user.


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