Mediterranean Tomorrows

05.02.2017 16:30
Festival edition: 

Moderated by Daphne Dragona

Current speculations about future urban worlds largely involve the expanding role of technologies, systems, and infrastructures but hardly take the particularities of different geographical regions into account. Placeless, generalized, and idealized projections into the future provide little room for urgencies and potentialities that are dynamic and heterogeneous. This panel uses the Mediterranean region as its starting point and challenges prevailing scenarios designed for its future. Which futures can be [re]imagined for a region affected by ongoing financial crisis, mass-movement of the population, and climate change? Can speculative approaches to these future scenarios assist in understanding the formation of new political and environmental ecologies? The panel is organized in collaboration with Onassis Cultural Center in the framework of the upcoming exhibition “Tomorrows” opening in Athens in May 2017.