Marshall McLuhan 'COUNTERBLAST' 1954 - limited transmediale special edition!



Marshall McLuhan
Hardcover, 8.5 x 11 inches. (21,59cm x 27,94cm)

32 pages

Price: EUR 20.00 (zzgl. Verpackung und Versand) - order via email to info[at]transmediale[dot]de


Kicking off the Marshall McLuhan Centennial transmediale presents one of the Canadian media philosopher's most radical yet relatively under-explored works, COUNTERBLAST. Two very different versions of this text exist, the full 1969 edition produced in collaboration with Harley Parker, and the biting never-before published manifesto McLuhan distributed as a hand-made 'zine' in 1954. On the occasion of the 'McLuhan in Europe 2011' network initiative, with the kind permission of The Estate of Corinne McLuhan and in collaboration with the Gingko Press (Hamburg) transmediale publish a special hardcover 'limited edition' facsimile of the original 1954 'COUNTERBLAST'. Featuring an introduction by McLuhan biographer Terrence Gordon and an afterword by literary scholar Elena Lamberti this exclusive edition will be available only via transmediale!



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