Manifest Utopia

Festival edition: 

Laboratoire Déberlinisation will present the AFRO – a currency for all of Africa, including the AFRO-Express card, which allows you to purchase, spend and exchange your AFROs quickly and easily. At their market stall you will be able to test out the AFRO yourself. How will the world be with an Africa that is prosperous, proud, sovereign, in control of its own resources, and in control of its own destiny?

Exclusively for transmediale, The Laboratoire Déberlinisation is pleased to announce the latest in its line of deberlinising cultural products: the GLOBAL PASS and the AFRO Express Card! Created by Mansour Ciss and Baruch Gottlieb, these two new cards afford the bearer unprecedented utopian functionalities. Register now to receive your own personalized cards at the transmediale 10, by filling out the form here:

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