Man & Machine

Man & Machine

06.02.2010 18:30
HKW - Lecture Hall

The ten films within the curated programme Man & Machine address the conflicts between man and the technologies he himself has created.

Whereas the contemporary works presented in the programme Future Bodies address the tension between man and machine from the perspective of the body, this curated programme focuses on historical films. L’homme nu suggests the possibility of man to disappear. The documentary Vierbeinige Weltraumfahrer indicates that, in opposition to us humans, animals are often the first – involuntary – users of new technologies. A Wonderful New World of Fords advertises the newest generation of spacy cars, whilst Autos von Morgen – Straßen von Heute – Menschen von Gestern brutally illustrates people’s inabilities to deal with the velocities of these new models. Leave It to Roll-Oh from 1940 praises the skills of robotic machines new and futuristic at that time, and Le nouveau OMIZA touchingly addresses the current state of robotics. With cosmetic surgeries like those seen in Cosmetic Emergency man begins to re-design himself according to ideals defined by the media. The harrowing found footage film Anaconda Targets depicts how coldly technology eliminates people in the context of war.

L’homme nu, George Rey, fr 1969, 3min
Vierbeinige Weltraumfahrer, Moskauer Studio für populärwissenschaftliche Filme, udssr 1959, 22min [German only]
A Wonderful New World of Fords, Ford Motor Company, us 1960, 3min
Autos von Morgen – Strassen von Heute – Menschen von Gestern, Hans Jürgen Pohland, de 1960, 4min [German only]
Leave It To Roll-Oh, Handy (Jam) Organization, us 1940, 9min
Le nouveau OMIZA, Ute Hörner & Mathias Antlfinger, de 2007, 6min *
Cosmetic Emergency, Martha Colburn, de 2005, 9min
Anaconda Targets, Dominic Angerame, de 2004, 11min

*Director will attend screening and Q & A


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