Leo Findeisen

Leo Findeisen


Leo Findeisen is a media theorist, author and composer based in Vienna. Research foci include critical theory, constructivism, semiotics and actor-network-theory. As part of the NO-ISBN team, he focused on the realization of several co-authored publications and a theory of analog media as a counter-current to the widespread digitization of publishing practices. With “Titles,” a piece for manipulated piano and two voices based on book titles of the NO-ISBN collection, he explored new aesthetic conjunctures between artist´s books and contemporary music. It was first performed as part of the presentation of the publication ‘NO-ISBN - On self-publishing’ in 2015.

Concentrating on research and production in interdisciplinary teams, Findeisen is a founding member of Empty Europe, Serious Pop, Transforming Freedom, X-OP, and Future Fluxus. He is a former research assistant at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and fellow at WORM Rotterdam. He acted as a pre-jury member for the Digital Communities award at Ars Electronica, a jury member for Europan 6 - In between Cities, the Vilém Flusser Theory Award at transmediale 2010 and the Lead Awards, Hamburg.

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