Krystian Woznicki


Krystian Woznicki has worked as a journalist in the field of culture, society, and the Internet at Japan Times and Wired Japan, as a correspondent of Spex and Telepolis in Japan, and as a curator (i.a. Young Japanese Cinema festival at the Film Museum Antwerp). Since 1999, Woznicki has been mainly working as a media producer in Berlin. His collaborative media projects comprise a digital archive of globalization (2001–2006), a reader in the format of a magazine (2002–2004) and Berliner Gazette ( For the latter he organises numerous symposia and seminars since 1999 and published three anthologies: McDeutsch (2007), Vernetzt (2009), Modell Autodidakt (2011, with Magdalena Taube). For 10 years he has been editor in chief of Berliner Gazette and since 2009, he is the publisher. His contributions as an author for journals and newspapers have been pubulished in over 40 different print and online media, in German and six more languages (i.a. column Ästhetik der Globalisierung in Camera Austria, 2002–2003). Recently he has written Abschalten. Paradiesproduktion, Massentourismus, Globalisierung (2008) and Wer hat Angst vor Gemeinschaft? Ein Dialog mit Jean-Luc Nancy (2009). His latest book is After the Planes. A Dialogue on Movement, Perception and Politics (2017, with Brian Massumi).


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