in/compatible research practices

Wed, 01.02.2012
Feb 01.02.
Meeting Workshop Talk

With Christian Ulrik Andersen (dk), César Baio (br), Tatiana Bazzichelli (it/de), Thomas Bjoernsten (dk), Zach Blas (usa), Morten Breinbjerg (dk), Geoff Cox (uk), Baruch Gottlieb (ca/de), Magnus Lawrie (uk), Matthias Tarasiewicz, Rosa Menkman (nl), Gabriel Menotti Gonring (br/uk), Morten Riis (dk), Lasse Scherffig (de), Marie Thompson (uk), Nina Wenhart (at) and Carolin Wiedemann (de)


Moderated by Robert Jackson (uk), Andrew Prior (uk) and Magda Tyzlik-Carver (pl/uk)


This one-day event follows the path of the In/compatible Research PhD workshop/conference organised last November by the Digital Aesthetics Research Centre of Aarhus University and the reSource for transmedial culture at the University of the Arts in Berlin. As a direct outcome of that experience, a group of international PhD scholars, engaged in the arts and sciences investigate in/compatible methodologies that bind together art practices and theoretical research, are proposing a practice-oriented approach where the exploration and creation of artistic practices become method. Live interviews, performances, artworks presentations, lectures and short reports express unresolved tensions in-between different technologies, their cultures of production and use, as well as the tensions between different approaches to contemporary media culture. Supplementary threads emerge across including noise and glitch, hacking and free culture, viruses and ideas of disruption or disconnection from networks.