In/compatible material

Wed, 01.02.2012
Feb 01.02.
HKW Cafe Stage

Protocols inscribe a layer of compatibility, a layer of meaning on materials on the earth substrate; spurring an ultimate paranoid fantasy in which everything is connected and compatible, everything flows and makes sense. As an intervention within the flow of transmediale, In-compatible material laboratory inserts itself in the cut between these compatible protocol(s) and an in-compatible/inverse divinatory materiality through the setup of a series of experimental situations ("the construction of situations”, Guy Debord). Descending the classical ladders of abstraction (Feynman, Fuller) borrowed from computation and ordering the creation of the world under capital, experimental situations are devised in a de-crystalline return to the substrate. In-compatible material proposes a new micro-theatrical embrace for incompatible materials and bodies, unfettered by the protocol and abstract diagram.


Artistic intervention with: Martin Howse (uk/de), Anthony Iles (uk), Mattin (es/se), Jonathan Kemp (de), Shu Lea Cheang (tw/fr).


(Image: Haus der Kulturen der Welt)