Himalaya Variations by Tina Tonagel

Himalaya Variations by Tina Tonagel

05.02.2011 18:30
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Tina Tonagel_Himalaya Variationen
Tina Tonagel_Himalaya Variationen

In this solo performance two overhead projectors function as an analogue VJ tool. From a combination of analogue and automated sound production, subtle, polyrhythmic sounds grow. Image and music merge thanks to the brilliant colour and light display on the illuminated surfaces of the projectors.

In her solo project Himalaya Variations, Tina Tonagel uses two overhead projectors as an analogue VJ tool. She plays an experimental instrument system arranged on the illuminated surface made up of electric guitar elements, rotating disks, steel ball tracks, the sound making parts of an alarm clock, perforated sheet metal and motors, combining manual and automatic mechanisms for sound production.

The sound spectrum combines subtle sounds with intricate rhythms while the projection through two superimposed images and the direct visual translation of sound production creates a brilliant colour and light display that blurs the boundaries between image and music.


Audio-visual performance

Improvisation with two overhead projectors and a range of custom-built electronic sound generators.




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