Health & Safety Violation #36 – Bite you on your ass and kiss your socks goodbye

Festival edition: 
© Martin Genz, Tanja Katharina Lindner / transmediale
© Martin Genz, Tanja Katharina Lindner / transmediale

Ben Woodeson’s works are deliberately confrontational; the pieces confront both the viewer and the exhibiting institution with their real or implied activity and consequences. Manipulating everyday materials within a space, the works keep the viewer poised in a state of slight suspense. Their physicality aims to instigate an intense and visceral relationship with the viewer and the gallery architecture. Threatening ripples of consequence are sent throughout the sculptures and audience alike. 


Since 2009 Woodeson has been making the overtly provocative and confrontational Health and Safety Violation series. Some works are calm, stable and self-contained whilst others confront the viewer with catastrophic outcomes, some are deliberately dangerous, others only sound like they are…


For in/compatible Ben Woodeson is presenting a new work from his Health & Safety Violation series. A seemingly innocent sculptural curtain bisecting the foyer space, positioned to obstruct the visitor’s default routes. To avoid the work requires a conscious detour by the visitor. Equally, engaging with it requires a willingness to take risk. This is an "interactive" piece that does not pretend to be harmless.