Free Culture Incubator

A model for the cultural enterprise of the future

We are facing a new economic reality where traditional industries have been replaced by the creative sector, with creativity and networks ousting steel and coal. Maybe the norm of the economy supporting the growth of culture is due to be reversed?

Politicians engrossed in cultural affairs never cease in heralding the healthy creative market which is poised to outperform all traditional industrial sectors. Cities become creative hubs boosting their potential as sought after locations. Whilst in the past, creativity used to be treated as a kind of 'self-fulfilment', it is increasingly advancing into a distinctive feature on the job market.

It remains unclear however who exactly may count themselves as part of the creative class, and why. Especially when artists or related practitioners disapprove of the label “creative” and especially with regards to it being appropriated by politics. Suddenly artists and cultural producers no longer inhabit an outsider position but have been drawn into the spotlight of society for their creative potential: risk tolerance and flexibility have become values increasingly demanded from employees in all fields.

Many questions arise as a result of this develpoment: how do you evaluate and determine the price of cultural production? Or: how much is culture actually worth for us today? Is it possible to consider creativity as an economic resource? And if so, can there be a balanced exchange between culture and economy?

The Free Culture Incubator is a series of events based on expert discussions, workshops and artist presentations. A key issue will be digital cultural production as well as the related questions of property, dissemination and remuneration of contents.

We have invited a number of 'shareholders' working at the intersection of art and economy with the aim to develop a cultural enterprise of the future.

The results of the panels and workshops, together with the ideas created from these projects, are aimed at developing a toolkit for independent cultural producers. This toolkit will offer Best Practice Examples, concrete solutions and suggestions with regard to how and under which conditions an independent creative business could really work.

Many thanks to Anna Lena Schiller who will create a real-time visual notetaking of several talks during the festival. Her works will be presented during the Incubator closing session on Sunday, 7th.

Many tanks to the following people who support the Free Culture Incubator in various ways: Julia Barth, Tina-Maleen Bölle, Florian Hauer, Katharina Hemmers, Leif Knüppel, Sebastian Ortmann, Sina Schröppel, Hans J. Wiegner und Felix Urban!

Festival edition: