Fabiane M. Borges

Fabiane M. Borges


Fabiane M. Borges, phd in clinical psychology, essayist and artist. Her research is about Space-art, art and technology, shamanism, performance and subjectivity. She is one of the articulators of the technoshamanism network and Technoshamanism Festival. Connect traditional cultures with do it maker culture (diy) is one of her biggest interest at the moment. She has worked with many different groups as homeless, sex professionals, landless, indigenous community,occupations, women newly outputs prison, and this borders lines and fights gave the political and social consistence of her work. Usually she call her own work as "imersive process" or "frontier experience", because her propose is provoque a deep experience in the body and perception of her groups. She write a book called Domínios do Demasiado (realm of excess) Ed. Hucitec/2010 and Breviário de Pornografia esquizotrans (Breviary Porn Esquizotrans) Ex. Libris 2010. She organized two books about art and technology (Peixe Morto e Ideias perigozas) and now she is organizing two more, one about Space Art and the other about Technoshamanism.


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