Elusive Life: Extinction, Biodiversity, and Datafication

Elusive Life: Extinction, Biodiversity, and Datafication

04.02.2017 13:30
Festival edition: 
Café Stage

Presented in cooperation with Hexagram

This public exhibition and presentation showcases results of the Elusive Life research studio, taking place at the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin from 26–29 January. The research studio asks participants to grapple with the alienness of other forms of life, ecology, and the earth through their research and creation practices. Within the context of the museum, participants explore new imaginaries, interventions, and understandings of "elusive life" undergoing new forms of technological transformation. The final works, which potentially take the form of speculative designs, architectural models, audio-visual-graphic essays, writing, and prototypes for artistic creations will be on view in the Cafe Stage area of the HKW.

Presented in cooperation with Hexagram.