doubleNegatives Architecture


doubleNegatives Architecture, dNA launched in 1998 as the brainchild of architect Sota Ichikawa, views the processes and devices used to measure space as "architecture", assembling a team for each project and engaging in a unique spectrum of activities including installations, software and architectural design. Spanning both technical and conceptual aspects, dNA has consistently questioned the very concept of "architecture" since the mid-1990s, when ICHIKAWA commenced his research on spatial inscriptions using dynamic polar coordinates with the body as the zero point.
Typical projects include the interactive sound construction dqpb (2000-) and plaNet Former (2002), which gives visual form to the structure of the Internet, as a process-type "architecture". Currently dNA is employing a bottom-up-style cell automaton program to study architectural modeling through the automated generation of forms, and in future aims to convert this to three-dimensional media and present it in urban spaces.

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