Photo by Dieter Kovacic Jun 16 2004 CC BY-NC-SA

Since the late 1980s, dieb13 works continously at the usability of playback devices for audio tapes, vinyl records, CDs hard disks and IP protocols as musical instruments. He is part of eh, NotTheSameColor, siewert/dieb13, erik.M/dieb13, dieb13 vs. takeshi fumimoto, swedish jazz, phil minton/dieb13 and john butcher  group, and has performed as dieb12, dieb13, dieb14, bot, echelon, dieter bohlen. dieb13 also founded the klingt.orchestra and provided music for various theatre and video productions, for opera as well as for installations and exhibitions.
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(Image: Taken by Dieter Kovacic, Jun 16 2004, CC BY-NC-SA)

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