Ceremonial Chamber 2

Ceremonial Chamber 2

31.01.2014 20:00
Café Stage

Join MSHR's Birch Cooper and Brenna Murphy in a ritualistic post-digital feedback invocation where the holistic alternates with the rhizomatic and cybernetics merge with low-tech.

Existing in the gap between performance and installation, MSHR's Ceremonial Chamber is a found-object and media environment made out of found objects and materials such as sea-shells and driftwood, feedback circuits and humans all coming together in what is best described as the afterglow of the cybernetic aesthetic. The holistic alternates with the rhizomatic and high-tech merges with low-tech in a performance that evolves during the course of the transmediale festival. In this, one out of two ritualistic invocations of the Ceremonial Chamber, MSHR's Birch Cooper and Brenna Murphy kneel inside an array of hand built analogue synthesizers, colored lights, mirrors and drift wood, forming a human-scale circuit. Integrated into the system, the duo guides the flow of electricity by shifting the position of sculptural sensors within the array. These light sensors control the timbre, pitch and volume of the synthesizers and the synthesizers control the flickering brightness patterns of the light bulbs. The emergent light-audio feedback system forms the sonic and visual architecture of MSHR's techno-organic Ceremonial Chamber.


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