Breaking Crisis

Breaking Crisis

06.02.2016 12:00
Festival edition: 

Works by: Norman Cowie, Elisabeth Marjanović Cronvall & Marta Dauliute, Beatrice Gibson, Jean Herman, Eleni Kamma

Actua Tilt, Jean Herman, FR 1960, 12'
The Third Wave, Norman Cowie, US 1995, 3'
Crisis Document. A Survival Guide, Elisabeth Marjanovic Cronvall & Marta Dauliute, SE 2015, 15'
F for Fibonacci, Beatrice Gibson, UK 2014, 16'
Yar bana bir eğlence. Notes on Parrhesia, Eleni Kamma, BE/NL 2015, 37'

The transformation of Western industrial society into a service and information economy is coupled with the unrestricted subjugation of the environment to market imperatives. Financial transactions are executed by computer programs in milliseconds: money makes money. The unequal distribution of wealth and security, evidenced in global refugee movements, produces a sense of permanent crisis. Conversely, new forms of solidarity, resistance, and struggles for democratic rights and economic participation are emerging. Against the background of these volatile developments, this film selection presents an impressive range of artistic and critical analyses of the present.


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