Barbara Lippe

Barbara Lippe

Dmytrie Kleiner

Barbara Lippe (Dr Babsi), an Austrian renaissance girl of the digital era is also dubbed – when sporting her turquoise headdress – as the “Björk of Virtual Worlds”.

An Always hungry Art Director of an indie computer games company in East London, coordinator of the biggest game conferences in Europe (Nordic Game, Campus Party Europe), consultant at (a novel platform around merging good music with good games), a PhD with a tome about games & girls & Japan, bi-annual special guest of the Ars Electronica Festival and celebrated mike-swinger in karaoke boxes from Shibuya to L.A.

A few hackneyed Nintendo consoles later, after a degree in MultiMediaArt, a Tokyo life as character designer at FuriFuri and an intermezzo as tour manager for Japanese bands, Dr Babsi’s mission is now to turn the uniquely quirky online world into a visually irresistible experience. With her gigantic team of three, the first ever illustrated indie MMO made from paper is getting prepared for its anticipated launch. A run of users is expected and they all will be born into this digital papery world as babies of already existing Papermint couples. Isn’t that crazy?!

In clubs Dr Babsi likes to connect danceable with playable electronica.