30.01.2014 11:00
HKW - K2

Anonymonth is an experimental publishing concept initiated by Mat Dryhurst of PAN and AVANT.

No pre-registration required. Max. 40 participants.

Anonymonth is an experimental publishing concept initiated by Mat Dryhurst of PAN and AVANT. Dryhurst’s proposition is that people who hold the most powerful opinions about contemporary culture are also the ones who stand to lose the most by voicing them. Anonymonth is an attempt to remedy this, and allow for figures in the public eye to speak freely. For the month of February, a piece of writing will be published daily on AVANT. Each participating artist will select a number, from 1-28, and their piece will be published on the corresponding day of the month. Neither PAN, other participating artists, nor the public will know whose content is posted what day. We will, however, publish all of the names of the contributing artists. AVANT will be tasked with anonymizing the voices in order to protect the individuals involved. The combination of anonymity and association, invisibility and credibility is an opportunity to be critical, ask difficult questions and break from consensus. The public will not know who posted a particular article, however they will know that it is from a reputable source. Contributors will be shielded by anonymity, and yet safe in the knowledge that the combined networks of all 30 participating artists will be watching and discussing what is posted. Speculation about the identities behind these strong opinions will only make those opinions travel further. While this first iteration revolves around musicians/ artists, the project is intended to be iterative and aims to attract other like-minded practitioners from an array of fields.

In cooperation with CTM Festival

Participants: There will also be several musicians and producers in attendance that will be participating in discussions but they will be unannounced until the workshop begins.

Moderators: Olof Mathé, Mat Dryhurst, Sam Hart


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