Ambiguous Cut Into Space of Conjecture (Lucid Phantom Messenger #2)

Ambiguous Cut Into Space of Conjecture (Lucid Phantom Messenger #2)

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Ambiguous Cut Into Space of Conjecture
Ambiguous Cut Into Space of Conjecture

In Herwig Weiser’s sculpture, Ambiguous Cut Into Space of Conjecture, from the current installation series, Lucid Phantom Messenger (2008-2011), ultrasonic waves trigger the transformation of electro-chemical substances. Spontaneous connections, mutations and fluorescent rearrangements are formed as in Action Painting thanks to chemically immiscible fluids whose natural balance is knocked out of kilter by massive physical forces. In situ explosions and high-frequency sound cause turbulences and commotions in which the molecule clusters of the liquids are detonated at the molecular level. Like every autopoietic system this cycle is operationally closed, hence making each dimension in the repeated process seem like a mythical, psychedelically luminous, interactively dematerialised, high-frequential flight.


Thanks to: Dr.Wolfgang Hansal, Albert Bleckmann, Johannes Fürst

Initiated through a DOCK e.V. Berlin residency and co-produced by TEKS – Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre. Supported by Happy Plating.



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