544/544 (up/down)

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9 min.
Thomas Mohr. 544/544 (up/down)
Thomas Mohr. 544/544 (up/down)

544/544 (Up /Down) is the second composition in a series reflecting on various aspects of Hanne Darbovens work and music. Darboven (29 April 1941- 9 March 2009) best known for her large scale installations consisting of handwritten tables of numbers was a composer as well. Darboven’s Requiem itself is based on the conversion of calendar dates into numbers and numbers into musical notes. Eight out of eleven CD Volumes of the Requiem of Hanne Darboven have been recorded in St. Petri, the oldest existing church in the city of Hamburg. 1528   photographs – taken one day after a concert to remind of Darbovens 70th birthday – explore the church building and its context. Out of these, 1088 document the staircase in the tower. For each step two photos were taken: one up, one down.


(Image: Thomas Mohr. 544/544 [up/down])


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