3D Fluid Scanning by Friedrich Kirschner

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Robot Scan
Robot Scan

Fluid Scanning – How to Use Everyday Objects and Fluids to Digitise Stuff in 3D


This project originally started out as a 3D scanner using milk, but has since developed into many forms and sizes of capturing real world objects using all sorts of household materials. The basic idea behind this process is that you can capture the silhouette of an object easily when it is surrounded by a high contrast fluid, such as milk or ink.

When lowering the object into the fluid, the silhouette changes gradually, as the fluid obstructs more and more of the object's shape. By capturing the silhouette of an object at different stages of submersion, one can generate slices, that, if properly stacked together, can be interpreted as 3D data. This data can then be used in animation software or as basis for 3D printing.
In addition to the technical process, the use of common kitchen supplies such as milk or coffee and the low-cost setup invite people of all ages and backgrounds to experiment with form, shape and computer graphics.

Open Zone, Open Design City 'Make Your Own Market'


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