Burning the Sound

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The interactive sound performance is about the nature of rituals, power and control. It uses fire from a regular lighter to subvert patterns of rhythm, thus using technologically mediated computer sound to exorcise the sound as a spiritual strategy. The performers gesture in relation to his instrument not only shows the performers emotional state, but it brings the instrument to live. In this action, it is explored and established as a synaesthesic symbolic metaphor in the sense that is from the flame that the sound is shaped. This intensifies the synaesthesic quality of the sound being perceived as burned by the flame.
Fire was probably the first technology to exist and is knowledge based and ritualistic. Within Burning the Sound digital, new media and ancestral technologies fuse to question contemporary strategies of invisible control.


Rudolfo Quintas performs Burning the Sound at CTM the MOLECULE RAINBOW programme on Thursday January 29 at 21.00, MAO (Maria am Bahnhof)!


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