Research Workshops and Publications

The PhD workshop MACHINE RESEARCH responded to the 2017 festival edition of transmediale, ever elusive, which focused on the elusive character of media and technological change and tried to develop more nuanced perspectives on the nonhuman.

EXCESSIVE RESEARCH related to transmediale/conversationpiece 2016, which examined some of the compulsive activities of contemporary digital culture in which we are encouraged to stay active, to make, to share and to secure.

The PhD workshop DATAFIED RESEARCH related to the theme of transmediale 2015 CAPTURE ALL. In this context, the workshop aimed at questioning the quantification of all aspects of life. It sought out analyses and responses that “outsmart and outplay” the logic of capturing everything applied by corporate as well as scientific communities.

In conjunction with transmediale 2014 the PhD workshop Post-digital Research aimed at exploring what, in the afterglow of digital art and culture, lies beyond the digital as a form of existence.

The annual PhD workshop was initiated in 2012 as a collaboration of Aarhus University, transmediale, and varying partner organizations. It provides a forum for emerging researchers to enter into speculation, critique, exchange, and dialog about their research topic. The primary focus is on the participants’ individual research projects, as well fostering networks, knowledge exchange and widening dissemination.

This publication is about Machine Research – research on machines, research with machines, and research as a machine.

Call for participation, Ph.D research workshop

The research/Phd workshop MACHINE RESEARCH contributes to the transmediale festival programme for 2017. | Workshop in Brussels, 24-26 October 2016 Online activity, from 30 September 2016