Price and Value of Cultural Work

Wed 03.02.
Wed 03.02.
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Moderation: Jaime Stapleton (uk)
Panelists: Kate Rich (uk) | I-Wei Li (tw/de) | Baruch Gottlieb (ca/de)| Dmytri Kleiner (de)

What is the currency for the cultural enterprise of the future? Cultural producers and artists produce a multiplicity of values, most of which are immaterial and emerge from the social networks of cultural practitioners and their relation to the public: respect, appreciation or knowledge are the main resources. Cultural production basically happens through the support of numerous micro-economies which apply different currency systems such as bartering or contact brokering. On this basis cultural values develop which at best are beneficial to our entire society. But what flows back to the cultural producers? It is difficult to translate cultural values into adequate market values: how do you determine the economical value of cultural work? Which currency systems are available here? And, the other way around: how much is culture actually worth for us today?

Part of the Free Culture Incubator.