Re-Hacking Your World: Sensible Software

Thu 29.01.
Thu 29.01.

With the worldwide largest mobile growth rates and promises of being connected to the global fibreoptic network soon, new possibilities are dawning on Africa's horizon. Digital cultures in African countries are developing now. How do today's digital developments impact on every-day life? Has the course been set by foreign companies' emerging commercial interests and are donors' preferences leading the way? Or are African countries creating their own visions and realities of digital cultures and societies? Digital islands are emerging, offering innovative, adapted solutions to specific local needs as alternatives to the mainstream. The session will explore some of these initiatives working towards self-determined, relevant, economically sustainable, and change-making paths into Africa's digital future.

Online Intervention a.o. with James Wire Lunghabo
(Uganda), Evans Ikua (Kenya), Alex Gakuru (Kenya)