Corpora in Si(gh)te

jp, hu, ch
installation interactive

Corpora in Si(gh)te
at .CHB - Collegium Hungaricum Berlin
Jan 27 - Mar 8
opening: jan 26, 19:00

Architecture as an environmental, spatial measuring machine Architecture is an intelligent corpus, a reflection of the environment surrounding itself. The information technology of Corpora in Si(gh)te by doubleNegative Architecture has maintained the mutality between architecture and environment in a virtual way through continuous spatial measurements, reflecting what C.i.S architecture believes to be the core principle of architecture.

doubleNegatives Architecture (dNA) sets up a number of sensors to form a mesh network throughout the target area - the building of Collegium Hungaricum Berlin - in order to collect and distribute real-time environmental information such as temperature, brightness, humidity, wind direction and sound. The data collected from these sources are processed by a software and in real-time translated into nodes reflecting the sensor network. The fluid character of this architecture occurs as a living form, its shifting structure relates to every environmental change. The Japanese-Swiss-Hungarian artists' collective dNA consists of an interdisciplinary team of architects, designers, musicians and software developers.

Concept, design, programming & technical realization:
doubleNegatives Architecture

Corpora project core members:
Sota Ichikawa (architect)
Max Rheiner (artist, soft- hardware developer)
Ákos Maróy (software artist)
Kaoru Kobata (designer)

+Corpora in Si(gh)te members:
Satoru Higa (sound artist, programmer)
Hajime Narukawa (architect, structure engineer)

YCAM | Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media, Japan
Műcsarnok | Kunsthalle Budapest, Hungary