Fri 30.01.
Fri 30.01.
Partner event

The dutch media artist collective of PLANETART – "home of the electronic rage" – connect to c-base for two days with a selection of their program of installations, video-screenings, virtual worlds, electronic-noise performances and DJ-VJ live shows. We prepare for a battle with VJ Shithead, VJ Sandwoman, the Berlin-based noisecore live act Chlorgeschlecht, video artist Jan van Nuenen and game hacker Walter Langelaar.

Installations by: Walter Langelaar, Danja Vassiliev, Paul Klotz, Sander Veenhof, Via Oral, Arno Coenen, Arjan Scherpenisse + Eelco Wagenaar, Reinier Kranendonk
21.30  Lecture by Angelo Vermeulen
22.15 Ottoboy
22.30 Jan van Nuenen, screening, „Best of.. Part I“
       Arno Coenen, screening VOC
23.15 Ottoboy
23.30 Pornologic + VJ Danja Vassiliev
00.15 Poppekastkrakers
00.30 Chlorgeschlecht + VJ Arno Coenen+Peter Leeuwerik
00.45 DJ Angelo Vermeulen + VJ Arno Coenen+Peter Leeuwerik

Latest line-up and necessary program changes:

Entrance fee: EUR 5,00

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