Tobias Leingruber

salon participant

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Tobias Leingruber's internet-based artwork has gained international media attention in both the art and technology world. He collaborated on challenging software such as China Channel, a tool to experience Chinese information censorship on your home computer, and Pirates of the Amazon, a software that integrates a functional "Download 4 Free" button on the website of, the world's largest online retailer.

Motivated by issues like censorship, copyright or information power structures, Tobias artwork is also inspired by online culture and collaboration with his F.A.T. Lab colleagues. Tobias exhibitied a solo show with the title "Skate the Web" will be on display in November 2009 in Berlin. His work was previously shown at ROFLthing New York and WORM Rotterdam and his work has been covered by online magazines such as the New York Times, LA Times, Wired, Spiegel and Rhizome at the New Museum, New York.

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