Critical Consumer Practice Part 1

Sat 31.01.
Sat 31.01.

Contemporary understanding of air pollution is no longer felt nor experienced, although it remains potentially lethal. It is now less common to see pollution directly. By presenting only knowledge that is measurable, the model is disconnected from the local context and the specific social-economic conditions on the ground that created the pollution in the first place. With their projects hehe involves the audience in a process of monitoring localised pollution at the same time it is produced. A work like Nuage Vert is based on the idea that public forms can embody an ecological project, materialising environmental issues so that they become a subject within our collective daily lives.

Laboratory Planet - Ewen Chardronnet, bureau d'etudes, Michel Tibon-Cornillot
The Laboratory Planet is a periodic journal of philosophy, science and critical writing on technology. The editor Ewen Chardronnet and Bureau d'études work with artistic researchers and activists. Its online platform discusses geostrategic and tactical media issues lurking behind the ambiguous headlines of the mainstream press.

Extreme Green Guerilas - Michiko Nitta
The project The Extreme Green Guerillas reflects on the collaboration between high tech and green movements.