Workshop Fluid Nexus

Fri 03.02.
Fri 03.02.
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In the second decade of the twenty-first century, networks continue to be defined by their stable topology represented in an image or graph. Peer-to-peer technologies promised new arrangements absent centralised control, but they still rely on stationary devices. Mobile phones remain wedded to conventional network providers. Instead, the combination of peer-to-peer and mobility enables a new concept of an information transfer infrastructure that relies on fluid, temporary, and ad-hoc networks. In this workshop participants will learn about historical and contemporary experiments in analog and digital network construction. Through activities using simple materials such as pen and paper, participants will create novel designs for information networks. Hands-on experience with Fluid Nexus ( will give participants a base to extend their explorations after the workshop. No programming experience is necessary.


Workshop: Fluid Nexus by Nicholas Knouf

Dates: Friday Feb 3, 11.00-14.00 

Maximum number of participants: 20

Workshop language: English



⁃    A computer and/or Android phone is required.


!! FULL !! Please don't apply anymore!


Image: Nicholas Knouf

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