Words of Advice for Young Pornographers

Sat 04.02.
Sat 04.02.
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Words of Advice for Young Pornographers

Workshop by Sergio Messina (it) 


We apologise that unfortunately this workshop cannot take place today.


Post porn, Alt porn, Mainstream porn... To become a pornographer in the 21st century seems difficult. Sergio Messina, aging porn enthusiast and Realcore expert, will take you on a little tour about the joys of good porn, the pains of bad ones, the reasons to make it and the ways to become stars – also trying to establish a few golden rules in order to make enticing smut.

Restricted to adults above 18 years.

Workshop: Words of advice for young pornographers by Sergio Messina

Dates: Saturday Feb 4, 15.00-18.00 

Maximum number of participants: 25
Workshop language:



(Image: Found photo, from Sergio Messina's performance "Realcore")


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