Software of the Future, or The Model precedes the Real

Sun 03.02.
Sun 03.02.
Workshop Festival format
Festival thread Desire
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This workshop presents intellectual ideas and software designs from efforts to transition from "digital-binary" to "quantum” computing. It is not about “quantum computing in hardware” as reported in science magazines. It is about “quantum computing in software,” a paradigm shift in code writing, and a shift to the object of computer science being both software patterns and cultural patterns. There is a shift from the procedural to the object-oriented paradigm, to a new third paradigm, which is the radicalization of object-orientation or “more power to the objects.” Desire is also very important to the project, because the difference between existing computer science and the software of the future is to consider the software object either as a dead "thing" or as something alive. In addition to presentations by Alan N. Shapiro and Anja Wiesinger, in a third part of the workshop, participants design software applications based on the new paradigm of infusing desire into software objects. Alan is speaking about the level of cultural studies of software and a new kind of code writing. Anja is talking about the design process and institutional decision-making, and the desire involved in software production. Her talk addresses theories of desire that question binary logic as the basis of new technologies. Seduction and perversion are discourses of queer theory to challenge and "denaturalize" common grounds of sexuality and social structures.


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