Social ID - Focus Discussion (Track 1)

Thu 03.02.
Thu 03.02.
Conference Talk
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Social ID
Focus Discussion (Track 1)
Participants: Derrick de Kerckhove (ca), Ursula Endlicher (at), Heath Bunting (uk), Salvatore Iaconesi (it)
Moderation: Alessandro Ludovico (it)


For a long time, identity was considered a safe, stable and unchanging feature of a person. Today, however, we find that our social existence is defined by complex and dynamic identity configurations that shift effortlessly between material and immaterial spaces, between fiction and reality, between data and body. We must also deal with identity models that are integrated into biological, technological, medial and neurological development, which themselves are only trained and stabilised on first contact with the world and its obligations.

In this panel (Track 1) Salvatore Iaconesi, Derrick de Kerckhove, Ursula Endlicher, Heath Bunting and Alessandro Ludovico discuss artworks and artistic forms of practice that explore newer, fluid identity configurations characterised by physical and intangible aspects and the spaces between them.