The Shunted House by Valerio Tricoli

Sat 04.02.
Sat 04.02.
hkw cafe stage

A live performance for Revox tape recorder and computer


"In my Father's house are many rooms..."

John 14:2


"An uncomfortable calm inhabited by [] , interspersed with []"           Disembodied perception
All the ambiguities in the apprehension of [ ] [    ]
All the efforts of the anxious mind: to catalogue and quantify the universe,  Fabrications to distract us from what lies
at the border
   [ of our consciousness, in the empty spaces in our awareness ]
   The fragility of space      This simple chaos    Doors are opened     Spaces expand       Implode

Long dispersed fragments before and after utterances.


(Image: Valerio Tricoli)

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